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iBooks Author Certification Program

The iBooks Author Certification Program - the only NCCA-compliant credential for iBooks Author - allows educators, entrepreneurs, instructional designers, authors, creatives, and many others to demonstrate iBA proficiency to the marketplace.

The iBooks Author Conference

The iBooks Author Conference (Oct 8-9, Nashville TN) is the global gathering of the iBA community, across all sectors and industries, and will feature top-tier keynotes from both coasts, world-class instruction across all skill levels, and the one-and-only "Hype Workshop," led by Bay Area startup Tumult.

About us

Baobab Education

Baobab Education offers dynamic iBooks on different subject matters for K-12, using state-of-the-art knowledge and Apple’s advanced technology. Their highly interactive iBooks put students in meaningful learning situations to help them understand the world around them.


Duh books are informative e-books for children aged 7 years and up, especially written and designed for the iPad. They contain movies, interactive images, sound and safe weblinks. Duh books are full of fun facts about stuff kids love, like volcanoes and animals. Fun to read, but also a great help if they're working on a project.

Imaxina Novas Tecnoloxías

We are specialists in managing the end-to-end mobile development lifecycle - from conception, design, and development to ensuring your iBooks is available and effectively marketed through the iBookstore.

Baobab Education

Our materials are not only perfectly designed to take advantage of the increasing number of schools who are working with iPad in the classroom but also for use at home. The materials look to link the pedagogy of learning and teaching with the technology of the modern day school and innovative and challenging curriculum materials.

Tred Global

TRED Global® provides 21st century education based on human natural curiosity and the need to discover the world around. Immersion in the acquisition of foreign language and revolutionary methodologies are delivered in a friendly and entertaining format.

Study It

Digital, Multi-Touch ESL Textbooks and EBooks for Language Schools, School Boards and Private Schools. Training Workshops on uses of the iPad and Apps available.