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***Winner 2015 Digital Book Award - Academic Category***
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English Listening Skills Book 1 is an engaging 3-book series developed for ESL teachers and students by James Rice. This ESL textbook can be used for the English learners in the classroom or as a self-study book for non-native speakers. It is designed to be based on different themes so students can improve their vocabulary in different situations

Engage ESL learners in a new, fun and exciting way.

Each Book contains:

- a variety of listening activities
- a complete transcript of each listening exercise
- vocabulary matching exercises to engage learners
- idioms and common expressions used everyday
- interactive questions that make it fun to learn
- students can access all multitouch textbook features including note taking, student notes and highlighting

No CD's to buy. Nothing to download. Everything - including the listening exercises - is contained in the book.

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