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The Mathventure for 4th Grade Teacher’s Guide, accessible for teachers and parents alike, offers tips for helping fourth grade students both succeed at math and enjoy it.

In this Guide, you will find:
- a video presentation of Mathventure for 4th Grade
- the structure of Mathventure for 4th Grade
- pedagogical notes and answer keys
- notes on and suggestions for the collection’s three critical areas:
Operations, Fractions and Geometry

The Mathventure for 4th Grade Teacher’s Guide is a companion to the interactive iBook Mathventure for 4th Grade, also available on the iBookstore.

Steeve Lemay, M.Ed., has been writing award-winning K-12 math books for the past 20 years. Steeve is also an education consultant and has successfully managed various international education projects. Before moving into publishing, he taught high school and university math.

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