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This FREE informative guidebook is excellent for schools and teachers considering implementing Mobile Learning into the classroom. Written by James Rice, author of the award-winning Study It series and Director of a 1:1 Tablet-based school. His informative insights into the challenges of transforming and implementing a Mobile Learning system is essential reading for everyone involved in 21st Century Education.

Chapters include:

-What is Mobile Learning
-Students Expectations
-Mobile Content
-Embedding Change in a School
-How to Implement Mobile Learning into Your School

About the Author
James Rice is the award-winning creator of the Study It Digital Textbook series. He began his Mobile Learning journey in 2012 when he started to develop content for mobile devices. Mr. Rice transformed his school into a 1:1 Tablet-based in 2014. He is continually experimenting with how to improve the Mobile Learning experience for his students and teachers.

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